About Us

"We Ride for Charity"
The Garden State Girls NJ© is a riding group that aims to empower women in the motorcycle community through charity rides, motorcycle events, and working with other like-minded women riding groups. We are the New Jersey chapter of the national organization of Women On Wheels® and are associated with the American Motorcyclist Association. ​Our chapter director, Mercedes Meglio, created the group in 2014 and has watched us grow to over 45 active members from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the New York area.

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Current Officers

Chapter Director & Founder

Mercedes Meglio

Asst. Chapter Director 

Nancy Salas

Asst. Chapter Director

Nancy Mustachio


Cheryl Wechter


Elisa Aragon


Joanne Surowiec


Wendy Baytan

Our Members

The members of GSG come from all walks of life and family types. Our age range is from 20 to 70-plus, our professions include teachers, IT specialists, first responders, real estate agents, electrical engineers, auto mechanics, and financial analysts.  We are students, retirees, artists, and musicians.  We own and ride a wide range of motorcycle styles and have varying levels of riding experience, from newbies to advanced.  While we may have many differences, we have one strong bond shared, which is the enjoyment of motorcycling with friends. 

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Activities Year Round

The Garden State Girls NJ stays active all-year-round.  Planning and taking road trips might be our favorite and greatest past time, but it's one facet of who we are and what we do.  Below are a few others (Philanthropy, Preparedness, & Comradery).

Collecting & donating to all good causes

Learning to be a more responsible motorcyclist

Creating lifelong friendships & just having fun

Places We Have Traveled

Where to begin?  We have traveled across the country, planning special adventures.  Our recent journeys have taken us to Vermont, New Hampshire, Florida and the beautiful scenery of upstate New York.  Of course, we travel the many facets of New Jersey.  From its coastline, to its farmlands, to its mountains, New Jersey's history and countryside never lets us down. 



New Hampshire

New Jersey (of course!)

New York



North Carolina